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    Premium Sports Nutrition

    The sports nutrition and weight-loss category is one of the biggest and fastest growing markets. Given the upward shift in both health education and individual responsibility for maintaining one’s own health, consumers have clearly made living a healthy, active lifestyle a priority.

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Premium Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

Make a move and jump into the growing market of healthy supplements and sports nutrition! With more than 30 years of experience CD Sport Interna­tional helps you to make it a success. As a full service private label supple­ment manufacturer we offer a variety of capsules, powders an tablets. High quality finished nutritional products with your own brand! 



Powder powder

We have all sorts of raw materials that we can process and dif­ferentiate to your needs. From supplements to customized pack­aging. Whey proteins, Calcium, Egg proteins, Beef capsules, you name it, we create it.


Organic Supplements

Organic supplements are the fastest growing segments in the organic industry with an estimated growth rate of 20% towards 2020. CD Sport wants to offer a wide range of organic vitamins and supplements. The benefits of organic products are proven every day, no additives, no colouring, only the power of nature. What kind of product would you be interested in? 


Our products

With over 30 years of experience in training professional ath­letes we have extensive experience to improve the athletic perfor­mance of your customers. We are historically specialized in strength sports such as weight lifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding and endurance sports such as cycling, running, swimming. Ask our nutrition experts for advice and let us help you to optimize the results and turnover of your product portfolio.

Custom formulation

Custom formulation

Find out what we can do for you! You found a formula you like? Send it to us and let us help you with your success.



Small, medium or large, everything is possible. We offer different kinds of materials for the capsules, and yes, you can fill them with your own formula.



The Netherlands is worldwide known for its best dairy products in the world. Our proteins all come from here, the quality of our products are guaranteed. Our flavors are unique. Customers always come back for our taste!



Post, during and after training powders are available with us, simple powders like Glutamin and Creatine or complex powders loaded with combinations of powders.



We offer high quality vitamin supplements in different forms. We can combine vitamins to your wish or sell them individually to match your needs.



Tablets the best you can get, right here with us. Oblong high quality coated tablets in all kinds. Let us know your wishes.

A peek into our process


  • 1. Planning

    Planning the manufacturing, marketing and sales of a nutritional supplement (nutraceutical) is vital for its success. The first step in creating a product is brainstorm­ing. Our team of experienced product advisors will work with you to determine what product best meets the needs of your target demo­graphic and yields the highest potential for making profit.

    Wise planning will set the foundation for the successful development of your nutritional supplement! 

  • 2. Packaging & Formulation

    The rules and regulations regarding supplements are getting more and more important. We take the rules and regulations very serious and we can advise you if needed. For our packaging we only work with high quality suppliers to keep the supplements safe from contamination. Black, white, yellow or green, take your pick. We also help you with making formulations based on pre-workouts, endurance, post workout, slimming etc. We have various ingredients available on stock.

  • 3. Custom Labelling

    An informative and attractive label is very important for your success. CD Sport can offer you white label products or products without any label so you can label them yourself. Our design team has much experience in the industry to create an attractive label to your needs. Beside that we can make sure that your label is conform the latest rules and regulations. We can also advise you regarding the latest rules, regulations and possible claims on your label.

  • 4. Production

    We follow all the rules of HACCP/FDA and take safety very serious. We have a few very advanced production lines which can produce both powders, capsules, vitamins and customized . A fully automated label machine makes sure every label fits perfectly on its package. We are flexible when it comes to small or big production demands, we can handle it all. 

  • 5. Order Fulfillment

    CD Sport has the facilities and experience to handle your order and fulfillment needs  We execute well in excess of 10 million pick, pack and ship transactions a year. And we leverage this experience to bring you best practice pick and pack services, including e-commerce fulfillment.

  • 6. Marketing & Sales

    Do you like our website design? Are you for a marketing and design agency to boost your sales? Stop looking any further and ask us what we can do for you. To be successful in today’s market a well thought marketing & sales plan is critical to your success. With our marketing and design team we can create all the tools you need to make it a success including a website, advertising, social media, brochures, web shop and banners. This way we can take some of the workload off your back and commit ourselves to your success. 

On stock now! 

Product Package In stock Price
Creatine Monohydraat 500 gram 2.500 Ask us
BCAA Tablets 1200mg Bulk 10.000 Ask us
Beef Tablets 2000mg Bulk 10.000 Ask us
Vitamin C + Rosehip tablets - 1000 mg Bulk 10.000 Ask us

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